Bit4.Sale will add ZKT fiat currency to the platform.

Dear clients, we`ve listened to what you have said and thought to give you a sneak peek on our ongoing developments. Our business development team has prepared something for you! We`re soon adding KZT fiat currency to Bit4.Sale!

The decision to add KZT has come from clients expressing their wish to pay for Bitcoin with this currency. It is a lengthy process to make things happen, and it took a lot of preparation from our side. But the good news is that we are moving quickly in this direction. The following procedure applies to every fiat currency added. Previously, we`ve added AMD to our platform. We had also written a post about it.

The expected completion timeline is two weeks from today, 23rd of October. Clients soon will be able to buy Bitcoin with KZT currency on credit or debit card at Bit4.Sale. Please stay tuned for further updates!

Be sure to become a client of Bit4.Sale to enjoy all the benefits our team is trying to convey to you!