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Ethereum in Crypto Context: History and Roadmap for the Future.
What is Ethereum? Ethereum  is blockchain platform by the definition. The development process of the platform was made through four stages: The initial version was Frontier. In this version, users could buy and sell Ethereum, as well as do the mining, […]
Zcash: What do we know about it?
Hello fellow traders. Today I’d like to elaborate a little bit on the topic of Zcash currency. Since we’ve not covered this type of currency in our blog. So what is it bout Zcash, that’s so different from the other […]
ETH and tokens tracking
Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation after Bitcoin. As a result, many investors are now flocking to Ethereum, has some very strong fundamentals. To name a few: strong community and great developers behind the project, smart-contract […]
Tokenization of stocks: Is the block chain platform ready for such innovation?
Hey guys, so today let’s talk about this rumour surrounding tokenization of stocks. An innovative idea came from Wyoming USA State with the purpose to improve block chain and ultimately create to more enhanced network of chain. In essence, the […]