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Business Account opening for crypto startups made easy
Ready, Steady, Go! -Are you a crypto startup? Are you working with cryptocurrencies directly/indirectly? -Yes. -Sorry, you have been denied opening an account. Our compliance team reserves the right not to disclose the details. Does it sound familiar? You are […]
Tokenization of stocks: Is the block chain platform ready for such innovation?
Hey guys, so today let’s talk about this rumour surrounding tokenization of stocks. An innovative idea came from Wyoming USA State with the purpose to improve block chain and ultimately create to more enhanced network of chain. In essence, the […]
64% of Bitcoin’s Lighting Network capacity is controlled by one player:
What is Lightning Network? The main idea of Lightning Network is rooted in fact that not all transactions need to be recorded in block chain as it may lead to an overload. Lets assume the users are doing balance transfers […]
Ethereum Hardfork 2019
During video conference the developers of Ethereum have reached an agreement regarding block number on which an updated Constantinople version will be activated, as Coin Desk informs. For hard fork activation, a 7,080,000 block was chosen. According to forecast suggested […]