Many buyers of Bitcoin questions themselves: "How to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card immediately and conveniently?". We wrote this article to show you some of the best examples on how to achieve this goal. Let`s dive deep into in.

We have gathered information about three different exchanges, each containing their pros and cons. Once the information has been extrapolated and carefully weighted, it is up to you to decide which exchange beer suits your needs. The three exchanges we`re looking today are: Paybis, BuyBitcoinsWorldwide and Bit4.Sale.


Buy Bitcoin With Credit or Debit Card Paybis Exchange

Paybis is one of the exchanges being set up in the early 2014.

The overview of Paybis promo page looks a bit messy, with too much content on the main page. It feels it is over-stuffed with information, and it is easy to get lost. But the website has really good reviews. Their Trustpilot score is 4.7 out of 5, which is good. It has over 5,000 reviews, which is an indication that the website is being used regularly. Positive reviews are important, as their show the trust of the exchange. Please pay careful attention to it.

Paybis has a good selection of available cryptocurrencies for purchase, and a vast majority of payment methods, including Skrill, wire transfers, Sofort etc. But the one we`re interested today is credit/debit card payment.

To buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card, you first would need to set up an account. The sign up button is located top right corner.

Sign Up Paybis

Registration procedure is quick and won`t take you longer than 5 minutes. It will request some basic information, like your email, first name and second name, account password. The good side is you can login using your Facebook or Google account.

What`s important, is the verification stage. There are different levels, depending on the method you want to to chose to buy Bitcoin.

Because you`re buying with credit or debit card, you will need to undergo a complete verification, including your face and ID verification and your address.

Once verified, we can proceed to the buying page:

Select payment method

Top left corner Select "BTC". Then go slightly lower and select "Credit card" as your payment selection. Then, you will have three fiat currencies to choose from. Those are: EUR, USD and GBP. Select the one you will pay with, the amount you will pay with. It`ll then show you an equivalent amount in Bitcoins you will receive. Pretty straightforward. 

But what we want to direct your attention to, is that this is not the cheapest way of purchasing Bitcoins with credit or debit card. We`ve pulled up some statistic to show you that it is indeed the case.

Paybis competition

The following chart summarises exchanges that let you buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card with EUR. It is evident, that Paybis is a rather expensive exchange. Bit4.Sale exchange we review today as well, has a solid second place compared to Paybis, which makes it very cheap compared to Paybis. We think it is a big disadvantage of Paybis. But the overall trust of the website, positive reviews and a good selection of cryptocurrencies and payment methods really deserves your attention.


Buy Bitcoin With Credit or Debit Card BuyBitcoinsworldwide exchange

BuyBitcoinsWorldwide is a website that aggregates all exchanges throughout the world and sorts them by the payment method they offer. So it is not an exchange itself.

Once you are on the website, it will ask you to select a country you`re in, and a payment method which you prefer .

Select country and payment method

Very intuitive and straightforward, clients don`t need to scroll down for ages looking for the information they came for. This is a huge plus side of this website.

Now when you select your country and a payment method, it`ll show you different available options on where to buy Bitcoin. It`ll give you the best options for this search. 

For the sake of example, we`ve selected United Kingdom as our country, and a credit card payment option, which is what we need.

BuyBitcoinsWorldwide website

BuyBitcoinsWorldwide has given us 9 different options. It is up to you to select which one to go with. It also lists pros and cons of each exchange, which is very handy when you make your choice. It also gives you an idea in relation to fees, your privacy etc.

Pros and Cons of BuyBitcoinsWorldwide

Now this is the best way to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card with an ease you may think. Not really. he biggest problem of this website, is that it is no longer active. Here are the few examples:

  1. We`ve tried sever times to contact BuyBitcoinsWorldwide for quite some time. The contact form get sent, but we have never received a response back.
  2. Their Twitter account is not active. Last tweet was made in January 2019.
  3. Their Instagram account is not active. Last post was made in January 2019.

Why is it a problem? Because new exchanges with superior offers and lower fees can`t get a listing on this website. What is means is that the website is occupied by old exchanges and there is no-one new to compete with. As a result, clients left with now choice than to go to these exchanges, even though they could have obtained a better value for money if they had gone to a new exchange with lower fees. But they don`t know about it because those new exchanges are not listed there. This is a big disadvantage for the clients choice.


Buy Bitcoin With Credit or Debit Card Bit4.Sale exchange

Bit4.Sale is an exchange that lets you buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card easily and securely, the official link to the exchange:

Found in 2018, Bi4.Sale has done a lot of effort to add new cryptocurrencies and payment currencies to its website.

In short, Bit4.Sale is the exchange with specialisation in accepting credit or debit card payment in exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It has a total of seven cryptos to choose from, which is BTC, BCH, ETC, ETH, LTC, XRP and ZRX. This is a bid advantage in our opinion.

Bit4.Sale has a lot of Excellent Trustpilot reviews, thought not as many compared to Pyabis, but still a good metric to pay attention to.

In order to buy Bitcoins with credit or debit card, clients need to undergo a registration procedure. "Sign up" button located top right corner in a visible place, which is convenient.

Sign up Bit4.Sale

In order to open a new account, clients will need to give their telephone number, first and second name, address and email. Very standard registration.

Next, clients need to verify themselves. To complete this step, they need to provide a photo of their ID and a selfie with this ID. And thats it, nothing else. From the bunch of exchanges out there, Bit4.Sale is the most loyal exchange towards the verification of its customers. 

Recently Bit4.Sale published a complete guide on how to register and buy your first Bitcoin with credit or debit card. Have a read, it`s pretty handy.

To buy your Bitcoin, clients need to add their Bitcoin Address and then proceed to the buying page.

select Bitcoin

Select Bitcoin from the list, then choose the currency and amount you wish to spend:

Choose currency and amount you wish to spend

There are 9 fiat currencies accepted, namely EUR, USD, GBP, AMD, SEK, PLN, RUB, UAH, BYN! Astonishing choice, almost every high-liquid currency is presented, that is fantastic choice for consumer. And recently they have added support for Armenia as well.

Your last step is to select Bitcoin wallet you wish your Bitcoins to be sent to (if you have only added one Bitcoin wallet it will automatically pre-select it for you). Then you proceed to the payment page.

We shall also highlight the fees. Bit4.Sale is amongst the top exchanges with lowest fees on the market. We shall get back to this example provided for Paybis.

Fees and competition

As you can see, Bit4.Sale is top two. The value for money is really good.


Now we`ve explored top three platforms where you can buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card with an ease. Those are Paybis, BuyBitcoinsWorldwide and Bit4.Sale.

Paybis is one of the oldest exchanges of the bunch. I gives you an option to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card of EUR, USD and GBP. Ti buy, you`ll need to register and verify your account. It has lots of positive reviews. The biggest drawback though is really high fees.

BuyBitcoinsWorldwide is a website that aggregates the exchanges that give you an option to buy Bitcoin with your preferred payment method. It is designed amazingly and conveniently for clients to search through available options. The problem though is that the website is no longer active and no longer lists new exchanges. Clients are only left with the choice of the old ones, no newcomers and effectively no competition, which does not give you the best value for money

Bit4.Sale is an exchange that specialises in credit debit card payment for exchange to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bit4.Sale has obtained the best of the two worlds from Paybis and BuyBitcoinWorldwide. It has positive reviews, simple and straightforward registration, lowest fees and fresh design.

We hope this article has given enough of information for clients to choose from the available options on how to buy Bitcoin straight way with a credit or debit card. Happy Bitcoin buying!